I’m a subject matter expert (SME) who creates kick-ass UX copywriting, technical writing, and long-form, top-ranking blog content for healthcare, health tech, pharmaceutical, biotech, and industry creative agencies.

Empowering Patients and Healthcare with Insightful Content

More than just a copywriter,

I'm a healthcare strategist with a unique experience in science, sales, and marketing.

For over ten years, I've helped healthcare, health tech companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Labs, GSK, Sanofi, Amgen, Merck, ChemoCentrix, BCBS, Aetna, and innovative startups achieve success through impactful content.

My passion lies in bridging the gap between complex medical information and accessible, actionable insights.

I translate complicated disease states, cutting-edge research, and clinical data into clear, compelling narratives, empowering patients and healthcare professionals.

Why choose me?

  • Empathetic understanding: I've walked in the shoes of both patients and healthcare providers, giving me a unique perspective on their needs and challenges.
  • Strategic clarity. My experience in sales and marketing ensures your content aligns with your business goals, driving engagement and results.
  • Scientific rigor: My background in medical information guarantees accuracy and compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • SEO expertise: I understand how to optimize your content for visibility, attracting the right audience to your message.Ethical commitment: I only work on projects that align with my values, ensuring your message is truthful and beneficial.

More than just copywriting, I offer a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Strategy:  Define the roadmap that outlines an organization's goals and objectives for improving health outcomes and cost-effectively delivering care. Considering the organization's internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats in the healthcare landscape.
  • Medical writing: From website copy to patient brochures, I craft impactful content that educates and engages.
  • Content marketing: I develop strategies to attract and retain your target audience, driving website traffic and leads.
  • Distribution & Promotion:  I utilize my network and expertise to amplify your message and reach the right people.

Ready to take your healthcare content to the next level?**

I'm here to be your partner in success.

Let's work together to create content that empowers patients, drives engagement, and makes a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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Educating your potential customers and customers on disease states, the latest advancements, clinical trials, study results, and advances empower patients.

An engaged patient is compliant, which improves and lowers healthcare costs.

I simplify complicated disease states, ideas, and clinical study results into actionable and easily understood words.

So, if you're ready to upscale your online presence, look no further.

What sets me apart from other medical writers?

My main advantage is most likely the fact that I have a vast amount of experience in sales and marketing within the pharmaceutical and health tech industry. When I write something for a client, my goal is for the communication to meet the client’s strategic objective.

Something I was best known for during my tenure as a marketer was that I was able to give the sales reps something that they would find valuable during their sales calls with healthcare professionals and health system administrators. 

I've walked the walk.

That’s still something that I strive for as a consultant.

Of course, there can be regulatory challenges that may prohibit certain things that the client would like to communicate, but oftentimes, we can find a way to meet the client’s objective by tweaking the communication or the delivery.

Something that clients also appreciate about my services is that I am familiar with SEO on-page optimization. This requires constant learning and experience but is worth the extra effort.

Do I accept all medical writing projects?

The short answer is ‘no’.

As mentioned, I have refused to work on a few client projects over the last several years.

On one occasion, the client wanted to exaggerate their product’s clinical data in a way that I felt was not truthful or ethical. I did not want to associate my name with that project. Some products claim to have outlandish medical benefits that are just out to scam vulnerable patients.

These are the ones that claim to cure cancer by eating the right foods or taking a vitamin or miracle supplement. I'll never accept these jobs.

There were a couple of occasions when direct competitors of my clients contacted me to discuss a new project they wanted to initiate.

Those discussions had to stop because I do not agree to work on a competitor’s project simultaneously with a current client’s project.

There was never any ill will on behalf of the competitors as they did not know that I was working with their competitor at the time, and they always understood and respected my position.

It is a small industry so that we will bump into each other occasionally.

It can be difficult to refuse revenue-generating jobs, especially in the early stages of your career.

I only take on healthcare communication jobs that benefit patients or healthcare professionals. That philosophy has ensured that I nurture my clients, reputation, and credibility. That will pay off for all parties I engage in the long term.

So, how can I help strengthen your copywriting, content marketing, and distribution and make this your most successful year yet?

By being easy to work with, resourceful, and dependable! Your time is a hot commodity, and I’m not about to waste it.

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I work hand-in-hand with your team, ensuring each and every piece of UX copy and technical writing improves your search presence and contributes to your brand image while engaging with your target audience.

I don't create content, I produce assets that earn the attention of your audience.

I don’t build spammy links or pay to play and game the system.

I take a content-first approach, creating meaningful content needs to serve a purpose–to drive search traffic, generate social buzz, or raise your site’s domain authority.

Through content marketing, I earn client's backlinks and company features in the most competitive, coveted spaces to improve brand authority, organic traffic, and bottom-line sales and revenue.

If needed, I develop outreach and promotion strategies for every piece of content I create to make sure it works as hard as possible.