Biotech company website, leave behind, visual aids, HCP and patient emails for a new product offering
Infographic for LTC Facilities Awareness on Kidney failure is a growing crisis in the U.S.
Wrote content for Leave Behind Literature (LBLs), branded and non-branded banner ads, promotional presentation decks, RTEs, rebranding collateral, core claims documents, websites, and other pieces.

•Worked closely with AEs and KOLs to ensure newly developed messaging was to the standard of the brand.
Performed clinical research and data analysis to ensure appropriate and competent understanding of reference materials needed to successfully accomplish agency and AE needs.

Developed thoughtfully researched creative outlines to spearhead myriad projects with the idea of producing subsequent brainstorming and work-session productivity.
Sanofi Pasteur Pertussis Vaccines digital marketing campaign - website, update the 6 core messages and Update Public Affairs/Medical Directors Deck
Ghostwriting for C-Suite on health policy, value-based care, Digital for Payments, Statements, Remittances, and disease state management. Website copy, whitepaper
Ghostwriting for C-Suite on health policy, value-based Payments, and care management. Website copy, whitepaper
Infographic for Telemedicine Company for LTC Facilities
Healthcare is experiencing a loss of patient trust after COVID, how to restore trust between healthcare providers and patients 
Biotech company website for a new product offering