Strategy + Research + Messaging Development + UX Copywriting+ Technical Writing

Ghostwriting for C-Suite on health policy + White Papers for Employer Group Business on Value-based Care + Connected Care for Robust Disease State Management + UX Website copy.

Strategy + Concept Development + Research + Brand Voice+ UX Copywriting + Technical writing

Ghostwriting for C-Suite on health policy, + White Papers for Employer Group Business on Value-based Care + Care Managemen + UX Website Copywriting.

Strategy + Scientific Data Analysis + Research + Messaging + Brand/Identity + Technical Writing + UX Copywriting

Product launch - TAVNEOS® (avacopan), a first-in-class treatment for severe active anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody-associated vasculitis (ANCA-associated vasculitis), an autoimmune disease for which there remains a significant unmet medical need.

Develop HCP educational material for Taveneos product launch for ANCA-associated vasculitis + Technical content development for Leave Behind Literature (LBLs) + HCP and patient email campaigns + PPC and social ads.

Scientific Data Analysis + Research + Messaging Development + Technical Writing + UX Copywriting

Develop website copy, informed consent forms + HCP clinical study enrollment brochure + Patient directed clinical study enrollment brochure + HCP cheat cards

Strategy + Research + Scientific Data Analysis + Messaging + Branding Core Messaging + UX Copywriting

Refresh Digital Marketing Campaign + UX website copy + Update Core Messages + Update Public Affairs/Medical Directors Deck used with all governments across the globe.

Long-form Content marketing focused on healthcare experiencing a loss of patient trust after COVID, how to restore trust between healthcare providers and patients 

Infographic for LTC Facilities Awareness on Kidney failure is a growing crisis in the U.S.

Infographic for Telemedicine Company for LTC Facilities

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Scientific Data Analysis + Research + Technical Writing + UX Copywriting

HCP Clinical Study Enrollment Brochures + Welcome Booklet + Posters + Website copywriting + Informed Consent Forms.

Strategy + Discovery + Connected Care + UX Design & Copywriting + Population Health Data Analysis

Update Patient Portal with new offering " HUB"