The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a national association of 34 independent, community-based, and locally operated Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

Highly engaging infographic and UX copy covering the cost of reduced access to care. lost productivity and cost to employer groups as a result of health equity disparities.

Value-based care website copy covering the difference between volume vs value and resulting improved employee satisfaction, health outcomes, and cost savings.

Develop website copy, infographic, and white papers for employer groups to explain the benefits and savings that result from the adoption of value-based care, and health equity.

Ghostwriter for C-Suite on Health Policy, Value-based Care Payments, COVID.


Concept Development


Brand Voice

UX Copywriting

Technical writing


The challenge

The outcome.

Website Infographic on Health Equity:
Scale of impact
Website Copy on Value-Based Care:
Understanding Price vs. Value in Healthcare