Content is More Than Words on Paper

I take a holistic approach to content and content marketing.

I work as an extension of your team, developing a content strategy, researching and creating content, and if needed, managing all content marketing operations.

I become part of your team, immersing myself in your organization and partnering to create and execute effective content marketing strategies. I can help you scale up operations, and handle everything from content strategy, creating engaging content, design, outreach, promotion, and distribution.
Results. Not Just Content.

When you hire a content marketing agency, you don't want content. You want results. You want traffic, grow users, or drive leads. You don't want to pay for content that sits on your blog and no one reads. That's what makes me unique.

I know that creating kick-ass content is just the start. I know that in order for that content to be valuable to your company, there needs to be a solid strategy, planning, promotion, and outreach behind every piece of content created.

If your content isn't creating value, then it's just another business expense. If it's not generating real results then it's an expense line and not an asset.

I focus on creating content that is an asset, not an expense. If we can't accomplish that, then I'll be upfront and help you find someone who can.

I create results -- not just content.

Fit > Everything

I live by 4 core values that represent everything I do, both internally with my own company and externally with customers.

These values speak to what I do and value.

People first, profit second. Quality matters more than speed. Be open, honest, transparent, and fair.

Do What's Right
Be Human

People matter, as does work, put people first. Be human first and foremost, and always. Share stories give a shit about each other and their well-being, give praise, laugh, cry, enjoy the time we all have left.

Ask Why

Seek understanding and insight, challenge assumptions. Push for clarity.

Don't be afraid t take a calculated risk.

Have Pride in Your Work

Take pride in and ownership in your work, show your best every day. Don't do something because it's a job, or because someone told you to. If you don't like what you are doing, change

Meet Carol Forden
I help ambitious brands
scale traffic and rankings
Let's Make Magic

I love working with new clients. But, I'm not the right fit for everyone. Depending on your goals and expectations, I may not be the right partner for you. Still, feel free to reach out to us, if we're not the right partner, we'll happily introduce you to someone who is better suited to meet your goals.

.Below are some criteria to see if we're a good fit for your business or if we should refer you to someone else:

I Could Be A Fit
I'm Probably Not A Fit If

You're looking for long-term sustainable growth.

You're willing to invest in content, SEO, and if needed, Promotion/Outreach for several months or years

You have funding or budget to maintain an ongoing relationship

You want a partner who will work with or if needed, own and drive the entire content marketing strategy from planning and content to production to outreach, promotion, and distribution.

You want overnight results.

You're shopping for low-quality, mass-produced, cheap content

You're goals included shady gray or black hat, bulk link building

You want to use a PBN you own or used before for all inbound links

Does this seem like a fit for your growth goals?

Let's connect to see how I can help your company build a sustainable growth strategy.
Let's Grow Together.

Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, getting the right team engaged to grow your business is important.

Think I'm the right content person for your healthcare company?

I help ambitious brands create meaningful content, engage with their target audience, earn targeted coverage, and increase organic traffic to drive growth.

In the digital age of marketing, it's no longer good enough to rapidly create a piece of content, post it on your website, and then hope and pray that someone finds it.

Content needs a positioning strategy and distribution strategy.

Content Marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle that if you connect the pieces...

Puzzles tell a story -- from the first to the last, each piece matters, a journey of complexity that leads to the bigger picture.