Here’s everything you want to know about my rates, pricing, and packages (but didn’t know how to ask.)

Are your rates hourly?

Are your rates by the word?

No, they’re not. Every project quote is value-based—which means you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished product, not the time spent producing it.

My rates also include:

1. Time for research

2. SEO keyword integration & formatting

3. Images, screenshots, and examples

4. Internal links to your existing in-house content

5. Access to our network of expert sources: With over 20 years in the healthcare and medical world under my belt, I've built out an extensive network of knowledgeable sources. I’m happy to conduct outreach to those partners to tie their expertise into the pieces I write with fresh, original quotes.

This gives an added distribution boost as well, as most often they’re happy to share pieces on social they’ve been quoted in (and many have sizeable followings.)

Do you offer to ghostwrite?

I do offer to ghostwrite and have extensively for the last 9 years, (as in, my name as the writer and link to my website not being included with the post), but there is a 20% additional fee added to these types of assignments due to the fact that not getting a byline/link means I don’t get the opportunity to build my domain authority.

What price point do most projects start at?

One-time assignments (like blog posts) begin at $1250/post for 1,000-1,250 words and vary depending on the required research and word count. Longer, more intensive content = higher price point.

Larger projects are custom quoted based on scope.

Why do your prices start there?

Clients who decide to work with me do so because they believe in paying for a high-quality, conversion-oriented product—not just a finished product.

If your focus is keeping costs low (rather than amazing results and high ROI), you’re in the wrong place.

Companies who hire me are looking for a subject matter expert with in-depth industry knowledge and a proven track record of results-driving content creation

What’s the process like for a new client?

Every new client follows this process:

1. You'll assign us a topic and fill out my writing brief that will guide my outline.

2. I'll build out the outline based on these details and request a 50% deposit based on the estimated word count of the piece. I'll complete and send over the outline once that is paid.

3. You'll hop into Google Docs and make any notes/comments before I dive into writing.

4. I'll write a first draft (~7 business days turnaround time on average) and send it to you for review.

5. You'll leave edits in the draft, and I'll come back and make those edits within 1-2 business days.

6. I'll sign off on final approval and we'll send over the invoice for the remaining 50% balance to be paid, Net0.

I never want you to have to “check up on us.” My goal is to keep you informed of where we are at every three days with a status report. For smaller projects, I’ll often be finished before you can even think to ask how things are going.

Once the final product is delivered, I'll ask you to complete a five-question exit survey.

Will You Work with Us on an Ongoing Basis?

Absolutely.  I'm in for the long haul and want to see my clients succeed.  I offer monthly retainer programs and complete content marketing packages that include research -- market, keyword, customer and competitor, research brief, content strategy, content production, editing, design, outreach/promotion prep, and content promotion and outreach to guarantee success.

I also develop email campaigns and develop content upgrades.  After all, content must serve the funnel and drive either leads or revenue.

Other FAQs

1. Can I pay via credit card?

Of course! Your invoice will have a link that allows you

to pay online with a credit card. Bank transfers are also welcome.

2. How many rounds of edits do I get?

Every project includes one round of edits. If you need additional edits

after the first round, there is a project-based fee for additional work.

This fee helps ensure we’re both on the same page from the start of the project.

3. How soon can you start?

I request at least a two-week lead-time for new projects. We typically have 1-2 openings for new clients each month, but those fill up quickly. The sooner we can start the conversation, the better.

If you have content needs RIGHT NOW: I’ll move you to the top of my to-do list, but a 25% priority fee will be added to your invoice.