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Funnel Driven Content


Understand your customer's search intent, create content that nurtures them along.

From top of the funnel to drive brand awareness, to middle and bottom of the funnel to bridge the gap between high-level concepts and the value your product offering provides to customers.

How can I help:

I use research and data to help healthcare companies generate more revenue, leads, traffic and results through kick-ass copywriting and content marketing.
Bring Value


I know that in order for content to be valuable to your company, there needs to be a solid strategy, planning, promotion, and outreach behind every piece of content created.

I bring value to content creation that adds value to your business and to your customers

Topic Clusters


Topic Clusters Build Subject Matter Authority.

Google wants to rank content that’s created by experts.

This helps them to ensure they’re providing people with in-depth and useful content on their search engine.

I encourage clients to think about conversion as more than just a sale.
When you consider email sign-ups, downloads, and free trial sign-ups as conversions, you have the opportunity to build relationships with customers and foster brand loyalty and repeat purchasing behavior.
A Content Strategy that Works Combined with SEO.
A good content strategy combines research, your actual product, and SEO.

The entire point of content marketing is to generate revenue for your business.

Sporadically publishing fluffy articles that bring limited value or are lists of us vs them or Top tips for X isn't going to cut it today.

You need to put thought into the content you're creating and distributing to people. 

Content and copywriting need to bring value at every step of the funnel.
I'll craft HCP and patient-directed emails, landing pages, web copy, blog articles, ghostwritten thought-leader articles, webpage copy, ad copy, landing pages, and marketing literature for your healthcare business that'll make your customers whip out their wallets.

Marketing demands authenticity and focus.

It should clearly reveal key realities of the brand and product experience and target your audience at the same time.

It's not the high-level buzzwords or sound bytes that resonate. It's the inside intel, the reality, and the experiences customers have at a day-to-day level.

Every aspect of your brand should be embedded in strategy.
That includes your copywriting and content marketing.

I'm no expert in puzzle making, but I know a puzzle maker doesn't start by simply crafting pieces.

You need a vision, and an image first, and then have to determine the elements like size, color, and materials.

If you start by thinking about each piece of content as a puzzle piece, you can envision what you want the finished piece to look like at the end.

Your content marketing strategy should be no different.

Does your content take the audience on a journey that is connected?

Healthcare copy doesn't have to be boring

For years the pharmaceutical industry has been behind the 8-ball...
Showing patients frolicking through meadows with the underlining, and undercutting message that this drug can cause indigestion, nausea, blindness, loss of smell, gangrene, night terrors, and oh yea, there’s a chance it can kill you too. We’ve all seen them — laughed at the idiocracy — and tuned them out.

But in the past few years, the health and wellness industry has turned a corner.
What marketers at some of the biggest pharma companies have realized is that to sell drugs, you need to be just as creative as you would need to be to sell tee-shirts or shoes.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing for healthcare, as the tone, style, and content of a piece will vary depending on the audience and the context in which it is being written. However, there are some general tips that can be applied to any type of writing for healthcare.
One important factor to consider when writing for healthcare audiences is their level of literacy and comprehension.

Make sure your language is easy to understand without sacrificing accuracy or precision. Additionally, be mindful of potential medical terminology and make sure you use it correctly if you are referencing specific medical procedures or medications.

Finally, always remember that readers will want information in a concise but comprehensive way; avoid flowery language or excessive detail that could bog down your writing.
.... then the :30-second tv spot —

Now it’s digital awareness campaigns, it’s getting struggling patients into clinical trials, it’s biomedical devices, it’s surgical equipment, it’s healthcare insurance, it’s exercise programs, it’s scientifically formulated precision nutrition plan coupled with a continuous glucose monitor to prevent and stop Type II diabetes, it’s nutrition.

AI and machine learning for diagnosis and treatments, robots for surgery—it’s life. With ever-sophisticated technology, healthcare will only become more advanced in the near future.