Content Marketing isn't a pile of puzzle pieces

Funnel Driven Content


Understand your customers search intent, create content that nurtures them along.

From top of the funnel to drive brand awareness, to middle  and bottom of the funnel to bridge the gap between high level concepts and the value your product offering provides to customers.


Content That Drives Results.

You want results. You want traffic, grow users, or drive leads. You don't want to pay for content that sits on your blog and no one reads.


I know that in order for that content to be valuable to your company, there needs to be a solid strategy, planning, promotion, and outreach behind every piece of content created.


If your content isn't creating value, then it's just another business expense. If it's not generating real results then it's an expense line and not an asset.

I Help Brands Drive More Engagement and Build Deeper Relationships With Their Customers
Bring Value


We know that in order for that content to be valuable to your company, there needs to be a solid strategy, planning, promotion, and outreach behind every piece of content created.

I bring value to content creation that adds value to your business and to your customers

Content Clusters


Topic Clusters Build Subject Matter Authority.

Google wants to rank content that’s created by experts.

This helps them to ensure they’re providing people with in-depth and useful content on their search engine.

SEO + a content strategy that works

I help ambitious brands create meaningful content, engage with their target audience, earn targeted coverage, and increase organic traffic to drive growth.

In the digital age of marketing, it's no longer good enough to rapidly create a piece of content, post it on your website, and then hope and pray that someone finds it.

Content needs a positioning strategy and distribution strategy.

I help ambitious brands scale traffic and rankings

I work hand-in-hand with your team, ensuring each and every piece of content improves your search presence and contributes to your brand image while engaging with your target audience.

I don't create content, I produce assets that earn the attention of your audience.

I don’t build spammy links or pay to play and game the system.

I take a content-first approach, creating meaningful content needs to serve a purpose–to drive search traffic, generate social buzz, or raise your site’s domain authority.

Through content marketing, I earn our clients backlinks and company features in the most competitive, coveted spaces to improve brand authority, organic traffic, and bottom-line sales.

If needed, I develop outreach and promotion strategies for every piece of content we create to make sure it works as hard as possible.

I encourage clients to think about conversion as more than just a sale.

When you consider email sign-ups, downloads, and free trial sign-ups as conversions, you have the opportunity to build relationships with customers and foster brand loyalty and repeat purchasing behavior.

If Jack wants to, he will ban your tweets.
If Zuck wants to, he will hide your Ads.
If Yiming wants to, he will block your Tik Toks.
Companies and founders own your content.
Jack, Zuck, and Yiming don't own your email list.
So start one.
A Content Strategy that Works Combined with SEO.

A good content strategy combines research, your actual product, and SEO.

The entire point of content marketing is to generate revenue for your business.

Sporadically publishing fluffy articles that bring limited value or are lists of us vs them or Top tips for X isn't going to cut it today.

You need to put thought into the content you're creating and distributing to people.  Content needs to bringvalue at every step of the funnel..

Puzzles tell a story -- from the first to the last, each piece matters,  a journey of complexity that leads to the bigger picture.