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I craft compelling healthcare copy that sparks engagement, drives action, and builds trust.

In the dynamic world of healthcare, where every decision impacts lives, success demands more than just clinical expertise. It requires a potent blend of strategic thinking, captivating creativity, and cutting-edge technology.

Introducing Carol Forden: your one-stop shop for healthcare solutions that elevate your brand, engage your audience, and drive meaningful outcomes.

I am:

Healthcare Strategist: I delve deep into your challenges, crafting tailored plans that optimize your brand positioning, communication channels, and user experience.

Storyteller:  I weave compelling narratives that resonate with patients, healthcare professionals, and key stakeholders, fostering trust and building lasting relationships.

Tech-Savvy Wordsmith: I use language to craft clear, concise, and engaging content for your website, marketing materials, technical documentation, and UX interfaces.


Healthcare Marketing Strategy:  I develop data-driven strategies to reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Creative Content Writing:  From website copy and blog posts to patient education materials and marketing brochures, I create impactful content that informs, educates, and inspires.

Technical Content Writing: I translate complex medical information into clear, understandable language for patients, healthcare professionals, and regulatory bodies.

UX Copywriting:  I craft intuitive and user-friendly copy for your healthcare apps, websites, and other digital platforms, ensuring seamless experiences that improve patient outcomes.

Why choose me?

I understand healthcare: I have deep expertise in the healthcare industry, ensuring your solutions are relevant, effective, and compliant.

I am results-oriented: I measure my success by your success, tracking key metrics and optimizing strategies to deliver tangible results.

 I am a passionate partner: I collaborate and work closely with you, understanding your unique needs and goals to create solutions that truly resonate.

It's all about empowering patients through knowledge, one well-crafted sentence at a time.

Carol Forden is a.
Data Analysis Geek.
Technical Writer.
Dedicated To Finding Strategic,
Engaging, Creative Solutions
Truly great work
requires strategy.
Without strategy the difference between you and everyone else is
I'm here to help
you stand out.

The Process


Research & Discovery

First, we start with discovery, this sets the

foundation of the project. Discovery is about

developing a clear understanding of your

business and goals and establishing a clear path forward. It's not all research behind a screen.

It's about getting hands-on with workshops and interactive discussions to align our direction forward.


Strategy &
Creative Direction

Strategy is a necessary ingredient for exceptional, purposeful work. People don't buy products or services, they buy experiences and emotions.  Whether it's the comfort of belonging, the excitement from the unexpected service, or the peace of mind of a problem solved, what you're really selling is a feeling. This emotional connection isn't 'nice-to-have', it's what turns casual buyers into brand evangelists who stick around and become the best advertisers you never have to pay for. Simply put, emotional branding is the linchpin that holds the whole concept of brand distinction together. Without it, you're just another name in the crowd.


Concept Development &

This is where the magic happens. We've done all the hard work and now it's time to have some fun and bring the ideas to life. This step will vary depending on what your goals are, and the services you require. I offer everything from strategic planning, data analysis, customer analysis, technical writing, and copywriting.



I'm here for the long haul, committed to developing long-term relationships, built on trust. I live by the mantra measure twice, cut once so by the time we reach handover, everything should sound and feel just right. Rest assured that if anything does pop up, I'm dedicated to offering flexibility and providing assistance during and after the handover.


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Strategy + Concept Development + Research + Brand Voice + UX Copywriting + Technical Writing

Ghostwriting for C-Suite on health policy, White Papers for Employer Group Business on Value-based Care and Health Equity.

Strategy + Scientific Data Analysis + Research + Messaging + Brand/Identity + Technical Writing + UX Copywriting

UX Website copy + HCP  educational visual aids / Rep leave behind + HCP and patient emails + PPC & Social Ad Copy


  • Strategy

    Strategy always comes first.


    Digital Strategy
    Content Strategy
    Research & Discovery
    Strategy Workshops
    Personas & Journey Mapping
    Competitor Analysis

  • Brand Development

    Establishing an Identity


    Discovery & Brand Positioning

    Brand Consultation

    Brand Naming

    Brand Guidelines Development

    Tone of Voice and Messaging

    Audience Segmentation

    User Testing & Research

    Customer Journey Mapping


  • Marketing & Content

    Reaching your Customers


    Design & Templates

    Social Media Assets


    Events & Campaign Design

    Marketing Campaigns



  • Service Design

    Connecting The Dots


    Research & Discovery

    Stakeholder Workshops

    Journey Mapping & Personas

    Human-Centered Design

    Service Blueprint

    Automation of Processes

    System Implementation


  • Quality Assurance

    Measure twice, cut once


    Quality Control

    Design Testing

    Pre-Deployment Testing

    User Testing

    Accessibility Audit

    Project Handover and Training

    CMS Training

    Ongoing Support

    Review and Maintenance